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SAS provides disability-related accommodations to students who are qualified and self-identify with the office. These services may include classroom accommodations, testing accommodations, and the use of auxiliary aids. We also work closely with other offices to facilitate these accommodations.


To qualify to receive services in our office, a student must meet a set of minimum standards. These standards help us to make sure we are providing the most reasonable accommodations for the assurance of equal access. The minimum qualifications are listed below:

·        Presence of a disability

·        Self-identification

·        Documentation



  1. Complete this form and provide documentation to the Office of Student Accessibility Services. The documentation must be current and substantial in nature. Guidelines for documentation are listed on the "Documentation Guidelines" page.
  2. If the documentation is not sufficient, we will notify the student of what is needed. The student is responsible for the costs of providing any needed documentation. Once we have received all required documentation, the request for accommodations will be reviewed on an individual case-by-case basis.
  3. If documentation is sufficient, we will set up an intake appointment to discuss an accommodation plan. We will also discuss other resources that are available on campus that provide academic assistance.
  4. The student is now registered in the Office of Student Accessibility Services and will begin the process of receiving accommodations every semester. 
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Specific Accommodation Information

Please state your diagnosed disability(ies) and date of most recent diagnosis.

Please provide the name and contact information of the Medical Professional(s) treating the impairment(s) stated above.

Please list any accommodations previously received and where you received the accommodations. If you have not previously used accommodations, please write "not applicable."

Upload supporting document(s)

Documentation guidelines are available on our website. Please note: the documentation must be current (within the past 1-3 years) and substantial in nature. 

Policy AcknowledgementRequired

Students are required to read the Student Accessibility Services Practices and Procedures. Checking below confirms that you have read this document.